3-axis accelerometer

3-axis accelerometer (shock sensor).

Form: C1
  • 5V - Consumes 2mA
Mates with: #00_3


This Tibbit is based on the ADXL312 accelerometer IC with I2C interface. The sensor is implemented as the C1 device.

The module measures acceleration in the +/-12G range, simultaneously in three axes, and with 2.9mG resolution.

This C1 device requires the Tibbit #00-3 to be installed in the neighboring "M" Tibbit socket. #00-3 provides two direct lines for I2C comms, as well as the ground and +5V power for the ADXL312 IC.

Sample project

The use of this Tibbit is illustrated by a Tibbo BASIC test project. Yo can find it here: https://github.com/tibbotech/CA-Test-Tibbit-36.