High-power 5V supply, 12/24/48V input

High-power non-isolated power supply with 5V output, 8-60V input range, and shutdown control.

Form: M2T
  • 5V - Provides 1500mA
Mates with: #18, #19, #20, #21


This Tibbit is capable of generating up to 1.5A of 5V power from the external input in the 8-60V range. Although this Tibbit is primarily intended for 24V and 48V applications, it is equally suited for 12V systems.

The following table details the maximum ambient temperature at given output current and input voltage:

Output currentInput VAmbient T
up to 1.5A@12Vup to 70C
up to 1.5A@24Vup to 60C
up to 1.0A@24Vup to 80C
up to 1.0A@48Vup to 60C
up to 1.0A@60Vup to 50C
up to 0.5A@48Vup to 80C
up to 0.5A@60Vup to 70C

Multiple power supply Tibbits can be used to increase available current or for power redundancy.

The module has a dedicated shutdown (-SDWN) line. Pull the line LOW to disable this Tibbit.

Combine this Tibbit with #18 (it has a power jack and two terminal blocks), #20 (nine terminal blocks), or #21 (four terminal blocks).


There is one green and one red LED. The green LED is connected to the +5V output and lights up when the voltage is present on this line. Red LED is connected to the -SHUTDOWN line and lights up when the line is LOW (i.e. when the power supply is in shutdown). The red LED is buffered (with a logic gate).